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The company is equipped with:

  • a technical design and customization office for each article;
  • a mechanical workshop with modern machine tools at C.N.C. and a laser marking with which it is possible to realize in a short time any type of marking and engraving even on request of the customer;
  • a park of 30 mechanical press of various tonnage at high speed;
  • equipment for washing and cleaning of articles;
  • a large assembly unit with over 60 machines in our development, equipped with the most modern control and safety devices;
  • an important scores warehouse or both raw and semi-finished, ready to be quickly finished on orders;
  • commercial and administrative offices and order development, allow 50% of orders to be processed within 16 working hours;
The company model recognizes the employees as a primary and vital development, both in their own professional affirmation and the projection of the company's future, which is owned by all members workers.